Great for everyday carry, small and lightweight but very useful. Length is perfect for making food, that's why is BBQ…

  • Tank openner

    Heavy duty knife - if you want open up the tank this is knife for you

  • Workshop side

    Knife Making is passion but also is a very hard work with a lot difficulties and stressful failures and attempts.…

  • Made 4 FUN

    What can I say - sometimes madness relaxes

  • Zippo pouch

    Zippo's is the best lighters ever, so they deserve for decent pouch.

  • Kitchen knife

    For me magical part of this project is a fact that steel for this particular kitchen knife is from the…

  • Leather work

    Leather is a great material to make sheaths for knives, pouches and other stuff.

  • Heandy knifes

    Knife must be useful tool for every work that you have to do. From the slice and buttered bread in…


Time is a valuable thing

I creating things shut in their time, thoughts and passions. Surround yourself with unique things that have a soul. Those are my products, steel and leather is very demanding but grateful materials. Make every effort to materials which produce my products they are of the highest quality and carefully selected. Every day I strive for perfection.


Before putting my finally product into your hands I made a sample and test them to check the quality of steel, wood and leather.

Your project

If you have an idea for your dream knife is the right place. Together we can create great projects.

first of all is the passion to create

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Each knife is unique