Be prepared for the worst

  • Bushcraft knife

    Bushcraft knife

    Heavy duty knife

  • Small EDC

    Small EDC

    Gift for MH

  • BBQ


    Great for everyday carry, small and lightweight but very useful. Length is perfect for making food, that's why is BBQ…

  • Tank openner

    Tank openner

    Heavy duty knife - if you want open up the tank this is knife for you

  • Workshop side

    Workshop side

    Knife Making is passion but also is a very hard work with a lot difficulties and stressful failures and attempts.…

  • Made 4 FUN

    Made 4 FUN

    What can I say - sometimes madness relaxes

  • Zippo pouch

    Zippo pouch

    Zippo's is the best lighters ever, so they deserve for decent pouch.

  • Kitchen knife

    Kitchen knife

    For me magical part of this project is a fact that steel for this particular kitchen knife is from the…

  • Leather work

    Leather work

    Leather is a great material to make sheaths for knives, pouches and other stuff.

  • Heandy knifes

    Heandy knifes

    Knife must be useful tool for every work that you have to do. From the slice and buttered bread in…